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Peaches Geldof Tattoos

All Star Tattoos presents: Peaches Geldof Tattoos

It is time to dedicate a page to Peaches Geldof Tattoos.
So far I know Peaches Geldof has got a total of 20 tattoos all over her body. She definitely deserves a space on my Tattoo blog.

Born in London in 1989, second daughter of Bob Geldof, she is now 19 years old (more than one tattoo per year);
She got married On 5 August 2008, something like six months ago, after a one-month relationship with Max Drummey, an American musician. They really loved each other and they also got each other’s names tattooed on their hands.
Nevertheless they announced on February 7, 2009 that their marriage had amicably ended setting the record of 186 days of marriage.
She got photographed some days ago on a south American beach while showing off her amazing body art tattoos. Peaches Geldof tattoos in all their magnificence.
Her topless state revealed an impressive collection of more than 20 tattoos. Some of them are clearly visible in the pictures above and they include names of former lovers, bluebirds tattoos, hearts tattoos, flowers tattoos, angel wings tattoos, playing cards tattoos, a huge and in my opinion wonderful flower tattoo running from her boob to her knee, and many others.
Not every one of Peaches Geldof tattoos is a masterpiece. I have read several comments from many tattoo fan, most of them criticizing the lack of harmony among all tattoos on Peaches’ body. I must say I quite agree with this point of view. A good harmony among tattoos is quite as important as the good quality of every single tattoo.
According to a study published last July in Archives of Dermatology found that 69% of those who chose to have tattoos removed were women.
That doesn’t seem to be Peaches’ case. She keeps all of her tattoos and shows them proudly off!

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