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Bushido Tattoos

Bushido Tattoos: the coolest brand-marketing tattoo ever!

Bushido tattoos

Bushido tattoos

(“It’s hard to be the best” from his song: “Ich schlafe ein“)

Controversial, rebel, loved and criticized, Bushido is by far the most important German rapper of all time (someone could insinuate that the history of German rap is not really that long, but that’s just another way to see the same thing). Bushido tattoos are not just cool; they are a good mix of good body-art and excellent brand marketing – and that’s how he made his fortune.

Thanks to his music talent and his ability of playing with the forbidden, Bushido arouses the dark side of people’s soul. Fans identify themselves with his rage against the world.
He has been often accused to represent the voice of Germany neo-Nazis. That’s what the Independent wrote about him some time ago:

“The child of a German mother and an immigrant father is attracting, against all normal logic, a massive audience of neo-Nazis who love his hard-edged, racist and nationalistic lyrics.”

Well, I wouldn’t say his audience is only made up of neo-Nazis. His music rocks, that’s why people listen to it. There sure are some sentences in his songs which could be considered racist, but I really doubt Bushido has got any clue about German history at all.

What he is really good at, is provoking. He just uses any means to create scandals, let people talk about himself, get attention.
That’s his job, and he is doing great. He has achieved popularity, money and whatever else a young singer could dream about.
You can hate or despise him; it won’t change the fact that this half Tunisian half German boy from Berlin has changed the way German people listen to music.  He has overrun the land of Beethoven with his Gangsta Rap Style.

But we are not here to judge neither his political view nor his music.

His fans don’t love him only because he makes good music using dirty words. Bushido is also beloved for his cool tattoos.

As already mentioned, Bushido tattoos are not just very well done; they are also very well thought out – as marketing brands. His trade mark is tattooed on his neck: the “B” of Bushido, which is also present on his CD-covers, t-shirts and gadgets.
But this B is not really a B – it’s Arabic and it means “Words”.
That has not much to do with the word “Bushido”, which is a Japan concept meaning “The Way of the Warrior”. But even if it does not make much sense, I have to admit that it is a cool mix of nonsense.

However, Bushido has got many other tattoos on his body. On his right hand you can see a Chinese tattoo meaning “Truth”. The word Ghetto is inked on his left forearm, whereas on his right one he has got his mother’s name “Silvia”, tattooed in an elegant calligraphy.

I am quite sure Bushido has got even more tattoos, but I do not have other information so far.
I’ll be back soon with some new stuff about Bushido tattoos!

In the meantime, have a look at all the other celebrity tattoos on this site. Some of them are really amazing!

If you are curious to listen to some of his best music productions, try these ones, just some of my favourite Bushido’s albums:

Heavy Metal Payback
Vom Bordstein bis zur Skyline
Staatsfeind Nr. 1
Von der Skyline zum Bordstein zurück
King of KingZ

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